Encountering Kind Souls

After sending my blog about Pens of Hope in Davao to almost all of my e-mail contacts, I felt a bit disappointed when it seemed like only a few people are supporting it and I was pretty worried if we can meet our target.


This morning, when I arrived at my workplace, I saw about 10 slightly used pens and pencils in my drawer. I think those were from Naoko, the Volunteer English Teacher (VET) I work with on Thursdays. That will be confirmed within this week.

When I met Satoyo, the VET I work with on Mondays (by the way, I work with 5 VETs), I instantly and happily told her about what I saw. I didn't know she had something for me too until she handed me three black pens as her initial contribution to the project. Another kind soul along the way. :)

Yuko's Great Effort

After school, I went to the small pub of Yuko, my Japanese friend whom I study Japanese with. I was surprised with what I saw in her pub! As you can see in the picture above, she also collected pens from her customers and she has already gathered some since I told her about this cause. She promised to collect more and give it to me on the first week of July. Great, great, great!

And the greatest news?

When I got home, there was a notice for me in the mailbox. It says there's a package for me from Jorlan. Since this fellow Filipino who's currently working in Osaka has already informed me that his donation for the project is arriving within this week, I was already expecting it. What I didn't expect was the number of pens he sent. Yeah, the two plastic boxes contained 490 pens and 52 pencils!

Pens and Pencils from Jorlan

Since he's someone who has just read my blog out of nowhere, someone who doesn't know me at all, I consider his effort to reach out as one of the kindest acts I've known. The trust he has given to me is very overwhelming. I just feel so happy imagining the smiling faces of the beneficiaries that will receive his gifts.

As I'm about to end this post, my heart is still grateful for encountering kind souls.

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