What Will Your Heart Say?

If you were to write your wish on a piece of paper, what would it be?

For Inday, she wants milk for her sister.

During the first and second distribution of writing materials, the beneficiaries were asked to scribble anything they wanted to say on a piece of paper as a way of making them realize that everyone has the right to express. Many wrote about their ambitions or about simple things they'd love to have. The volunteers didn't promise anything to them but we're posting their wishes here because who knows, a kind soul might stumble upon this site and make a child's wish come true.

First Distribution, August 9, 2009
Gaisano Relocation, Matina Pangi, Davao City

A. Things
  • Food - Arabila, Aldrin Damdaman (cake and ice cream), Inday (milk for her sister), Analisa Generana
  • Toys - Arabila, Christina Monteras (doll), Lito Balais Jr., Ronnie, Cyril Jade Berino, Claire Berino, Cristopher Tuazon (PSP), Almera Damdaman, Jessie Parojinog (toy cars)
  • Clothes - Samantha Bacolod, Wendell, Claire Berino, Trixie, Jan Lynne Babes, Lito Balais Jr
  • Money - Samantha Bacolod
  • Cell phone - Juvy Basalo, Jinly Lomampay, Mariel Sumahay, Arris, Kessiah Jane, Carl Panojinog
  • Big house - Kessiah Jane, Jan Jeriko Ponteras
  • Bag - Kessiah Jane, Wendell, Trixie, Arris
  • Car - Kessiah Jane, Lito Balais Jr
  • Pencils - Abeng
  • Go to Jollibee - Winnie Basalo, Christina Monteras, Grace Ann Anana, Jan Lynne Babes, Mayko Change Sebial
  • Go to People's Park - Arsenio del Pilar Jr
  • Go to McDonalds - Wennie Basalo
  • Broom - Arris
  • Shoes / Sandals - Jan Lynne Babes, Cyril Jade Berino, Wendell, Claire Berino, Trixie
  • Pants - Cyril Jade Berino
B. Ambitions
  • To be a doctor - Vinvin, Boboy, Ernesto Balais II, Lloyd Balais, Jan Jeriko Ponteras, Jason Roma, Jason Visperas, Danilo Camachu, Cristine, Jan Jeriko Ponteras
  • To be a police - Mark Jay Visperas, Lito Balais Jr
  • To be a millionaire - Allam Damdaman
  • To be a teacher - Jhon Blas, Jolina Camisona, Cristine Anana, Pinky, Alexandra Cuchara, Norlie Romano, Grace Ann Anana, Jemalyn Blas, Ara Mae del Pilar, Rachel Romano
  • To finish my studies - Leah Serbial, Maribeth Romano, Arlyn Caperl, Eulla Mae Pedrano, Lailanei Balais, AIlyn Joy Sebial, Sweet April Blacas, Bernadette Nesperos, Ronald Parojinog, Joyjoy, Mary-lyn Lasala
  • To be a nurse - Christine Joyce Cuevas, Jessa Mae del Pilar, Erika Parojinog, Miguel Tizon, Ethel Jean Limotin, Liezel Canoy, Lemlyn Tizon, Shareena Damdaman
  • To be a flight attendant - Eulla Mae Pedrano, Antonette Pedrano, Liezel Mae Nesperos
  • To be a singer - Lailanei Balais
  • To be an engineer - Aldren Pedrano
  • To be a soldier - Laurence Nesperos, Michael John Capol, Kim Roi Bontuyar
  • To be a manager - Arsenio del Pilar Jr.
C. Others
  • Good health and education - Niel John Suarez
  • Happiness for my family - Limar Balais
  • Peace on earth - Wency Acierto
  • Better life - Antonette Pedrano, Jemalyn Blas, Ronald Parojinog
Second Distribution, August 17, 2009
Third Graders, Langub Elementary School, Maa, Davao City

A. Things
  • Television - Abrenica Sales, Al Belen, Jinkey Encarquez, Jennifer Bohol, Marjorie Amodia, Jester Dagohoy, Rechelmae Alesna, Elle John Tabiosa, Nieljun Endrina, Rosel Patatag, Neil Rhunex Mabayo
  • Story books - Jinkey Encarquez, Rechelmae Alesna, Brieza Hoy Barlas, Jennifer Bohol, Ericka Dayanan, Deniela Francisquete, Liezl Tabal, Vanessa Garcia, Christen Vonrey Velez, Rosel Patatag, Frailene Torcu, Kary Bacus, Ricmer Martinez, Christian Hermocilla, Diane Jane Libanon, Israel del Mar, Jomer Juario, Antonio Cuizon
  • Drawing books - Christen Vonrey Velez, Jester Dagohoy, Frailene Torcu, Kimberly Raganas, Al Belen
  • Crayons - Jinkey Encarquez, Jennifer Bohol
  • Pencils - Jinkey Encarquez
  • Bike - Marjorie Amodia, Nieljun Endrina
  • Toys - Brieza Hoy Barlas, Nieljun Endrina (robot), Ericka Dayanan, Paulo Cachumbo, Liezl Tabal
  • Pens/Pencils - Frailene Torcu, Jennifer Bohol, Ricmer Martinez, Jester Dagohoy, Rosel Patatag
  • School supplies - Deniela Francisquete, Jomer Juario (notebook)
  • Fan - Jester Dagohoy, Elle John Tabiosa, Gally Alquizar, Antonio Cuizon
  • House - Elle John Tabiosa
  • Uniform - Christian Hermocilla
  • Art materials - Jomer Juario
B. Ambitions
  • To be a lawyer - Ericka Dayanan
  • To be a nurse - Arlie Mandana
  • To be a policeman - Prince Vincent Pacetes, Neil Rhunex Mabayo, Gally Alquizar
  • To be a teacher - Prince Vincent Pacetes, Vanessa Garcia, Rechelmae Alesnat
  • To be a guard - Prince Vincent Pacetes
  • To be a farmer - Prince Vincent Pacetes, Alfred Taborada, Jebb Villamor, Joshua Lucob
  • To be a dentist - Erica Guanillo
  • To be a principal - Israel Delmar
  • To finish studies - Israel Delmar
C. Others
  • Have friends - Ericka Dayanan
  • Have a nice character - Rechelmae Alesna
  • To have a baby - Vanessa Garcia
Second Distribution, August 17, 2009
Sixth Graders, Langub Elementary School, Maa, Davao City

A. Things
  • Reading books - Archie Candado, Anthony Salas, Arnel Delmar, Lovely Alforgue
  • Computer and internet at school - Jeaniveve Beron, Anthony Salas, Princess Pacetis, Dimple Mariveles, Angelica Tabal
  • Classroom TV set - Alexander Lucob, Anthony Salas, Rodrigo Manlioic Jr, Jessa Mae Catubig, Beverly Torres, Niel Hermocilla, Rosalyn Ebrenica
  • Classroom curtain - Dexter Manibao, Cheremie Horga, Irish Jean Atablanco, Kim Justin Hitgano
  • Classroom CR - Karen Bacus, Airen Laput, Esequiel Madrid, Jessa Mae Catubig, Rodrigo Manlioic Jr, Adrian Manlisic, Mary Joy Cuizon, Novin Keat Rosales, Lynzal Butal, Justine Hepgano, Ana Mae Taborada, Jonathan Patac
  • Classroom fan - Lovelyn Siguera, Jay Lloyd Garsua, Laurence Bryan Barbarona, Melodina Barasan, Jesston Ilagan, Jessa Mae Catubig, Kevin Dan Bruce, Dumicles Cachumba, Llibeth Eyana, Ana Mae Taborada
  • Shoes - Raymon Rivera
If you want to make someone's wish come true, please send your email to kikitavenue@gmail.com. Thank you.

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  1. there children's wishes are just so simple! a child's simplicity and innocence never ceases to surprise and amaze me. hope many people will support and help in any way. hugs tita kikit!