Avatar Media and Davao Bloggers Partners with Pens of Hope Davao

Avatar Media and Davao Bloggers
will be holding a Kadayawan Event on August 20, at Jose Rafael Fine Coffee.  As a sign on goodwill they will be collecting pencils for Pens of Hope Davao.  So if you have donations or pencils and/or artworks, please drop by Jose Rafael Fine Coffee and look for Davao Bloggers President, Ms. Ria Abella Jose.  They will be at the venue for their event starting at 8pm.

Davao Bloggers
Avatar Media is encouraging all the attendees, guests, and sponsors of the Kadayawan Bloggers’ Networking Event to bring pens, pencils, and crayons for the beneficiaries of Pens of Hope. You may also bring other school supplies for Pens of Hope and their beneficiaries.

The event is on August 20, 2010, 8 pm at the Jose Rafael Fine Coffee. 
We are hoping you can join us in this project and at our event. See you!


  1. cool project... want to be a member of Davao bloggers . how?

  2. hi verns, davao bloggers has a site =)
    but as a start, here is their facebook fanpage,


    or you can email ria jose

    it's really a cool group =)

  3. You can start by signing up here: http://www.davaobloggers.net/join-us/ :)

  4. I already joined....Hehehe...Thank you Ms. Ria.