POHD Shares Pencils To Lumondao Kids

POHD shared 35 dozens of pencils to kids in Lomundao through Ms April Labagala and her friends. Below is the letter we got from her. Inserted in between paragraphs are photos taken during their gift-giving activity last June 1, 2012.

They will have another distribution on June 23. If you want to share your blessings, please contact Liyah Rivera through her Facebook account.


To all my friends,

I would like to share with you my experience when I visited three puroks in Lomundao. I visited the place to see for myself the situation of the children there. I didn’t know that my co-teacher brought with her all the school supplies that I gave her from my classroom. I wasn’t able to bring new ones. The road going to their place was terrible, it was my first to travel on a very rough road, good thing we had a Good Samaritan who really drove us to the area. When we arrived there, slowly the children started to gather in the gym. When they saw us, the children greeted us with their very warm smiles. I felt joy in my heart when I saw that they were so excited. We started with a prayer led by a parent. Her prayer was so touching. The people there were very thankful of our presence and the supplies that we brought for them.

I saw the clothes of the children as shown in our pictures, they certainly needed decent clothes to wear, shoes and even slippers. It broke my heart to see children who were deprived of school materials and even food. We prepared parlor games for them and they enthusiastically participated. I hope we made that day memorable for them. We, the teachers of the Kinder Class in Matina Central, are planning to go back on the 1st of June because we still need to give more to the children. We only gave what was available in my classroom and some of those school supplies were donated by friends. Teacher Maricel will be assigned there starting in June and it is also her hometown so she knows the place and the people who can also help us while we are there.

I hope by sharing you this story, it will also touch your heart. You can share some of your blessings to these less fortunate children. Together, we can do something for them. This can be our way of giving back all the blessings that we received from God. We will accept any form of donations. For cash donations, we can buy school materials and we will show all the receipts here in FB or you can give us used school bags, shoes, slippers, toiletries, food, school materials, educational toys, books, tumblers, school supplies. You will see where your donations go and the children who received them because we will be taking pictures during the distribution when we go back to the place on June 1. I will post the pictures here in Facebook.

We will start gathering all your donations anytime in May so that we will be able to prepare and pack them because we are targeting 400 children and hopefully each of them will be able to receive school bags. We have wholesale prices in school supplies so that we will be able to provide all the children.

Rest assured that your donations will all be given to the children. I hope that you will respond to this project.

God will surely return all the blessings that you will be sharing a hundredfold. Thank you so much and God bless us all.

April G. Labagala

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