14th Big Day: Art Workshop in Lumad School, Paquibato

Pens of Hope in Davao conducted an art workshop on December 7, 2013 at Assumption College of Davao Grade School Extension for Lumad Children or popularly known in Brgy. Panalum, Paquibato District, Davao City as “Lumad School.” There was a change in the venue and participants because the activity was in conflict with the Pasko Pista, a Christmas event initiated by the city government in the area.

Seven volunteers took the pick-up from Davao to Panabo City, where they were met by a guide from the community. From Panabo City, they drove along the undulating and rough road to reach the drop-off point for the 30-minute muddy, cliff-side trek to the school. It was unexpectedly a long and exhausting trip, but all the effort for the preparation paid off as the workshops started and resulted to different forms of self-expression.

As planned, the students were divided into three groups for the following sessions:

Finger-Painting Activity

The kindergarten, grades 1 and 2 students had some icebreakers and energizers to set the participants’ mood for the activity. Then the facilitators demonstrated how to create a tree with the use of one’s fingers, cartolina and poster color. In the first phase, the kids were teamed up by 3’s in painting any trees, but in the second phase, the kids made a Christmas tree individually. The activity resulted to oddly-shaped but beautiful trees, original artworks that can beat any abstract painting.

Christmas Tree Drawing Activity

The goal of the activity is for Grades 3 and 4 students to cut and color a Christmas tree and its ornaments using scissors, cartolina, crayons and bond paper. They were taught techniques on how to cut huge Christmas trees, stars of different shapes, angels (boy and girl variations) and Christmas balls. The kids also learned how to draw an angel’s face, clothes, shape and color of the hair, and wings. After making various ornaments, they glued them into the tree.

Accessory-Making Activity

The assignment for the grades 5 and 6 students was to make a curtain made of recycled paper beads. That was the original plan until challenged on time allowed for some creativity and resourcefulness. They failed finishing the curtain but came up with something else more exciting and with variety: necklace, bracelets, key chains, bag identifier, etc. Other recyclable materials such as tetra packs and straw were also used. While the students were taught how to create patterns, roll the paper beads and paint them for color and protection, lessons on recycling and its importance on environment protection were emphasized.

After all the sessions, everyone gathered in a classroom for the snacks and gift-giving activities. The first and second groups received a face towel and plastic glass, while the third group received a face towel and pens. Everyone was appreciated for their participation and effort in the activity.


We would like to thank the following people for their contribution to the activity:

  • The volunteers: Anj, Jen, Dan, Kara, Kit, Marco and Durz.
  • The teachers of the Lumad School: Ed Kristine Clordearta, Jocyl Calimot, Sosimo Tugaon and Rowena Anib
  • Our contact in the community: Kagawad Nestor Labrador
  • Sarah Elizar for helping us gather art materials
  • Miss KNT for sharing her home for packing
  • Perry Liquigan for the white cartolina, rulers and pencils
  • Marivic Alvarez for the green cartolina
  • Bert S for the crayons and gifts
  • Rocilee and Peach Renner for the glue
  • Bryan Hao for the scissors
  • Jayvie Piamonte, Ms KNT, Miss Joan, Mary Ann Salazar Maye Banga, Jenny Plaza, Kier Ashely Lim, Maan Eslawan, Angie Ampong, Connie Hiso and Gee Jose for the poster color.
  • Azenith Yamazaki and family, and Nicole Elizar for the snacks
  • Anj Nacorda for the blowing bubbles
  • Mr M for the transportation
  • Planeshop Airline Ticketing for the lunch

More pictures here.


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