A Skyscraper of Pencils

Dennis and Jennifer Buckley, a couple from the USA spelled kindness by donating about 150 writing materials, 4 boxes of crayons and a ream of paper to Pens of Hope project this month. Jennifer is the supportive elder sister of Angie, one of the artists/contributors of Beyond Art's Sake movement. Angie's loyalty to the project has always been heartwarming and inspiring for the other volunteers.

Thank you Mr and Ms Buckley!

With the remaining writing materials, the donation will be distributed to the children of Gaisano Relocation, Matina Pangi, Davao City on May 17, 2010. If you remember, this community was the first beneficiary of the project. To read the community's profile, click here.


  1. Hello Kit....THANK YOU so MUCH Kit....
    Nasurprise ko sa imong post...
    Grabe gyud ka kacreative uy...
    gibuhat nimong tower ang mga lapis....
    Hope lain na skul na pod unta ang maka benefits,para mahatagan og change ang other skul.^_^

  2. Whoa!!!!!!!!!!! Ang damiiiii!!!! Yes, thank you po sa donors!

  3. Your always welcome Nortehanon...Thanks to you too is your concept we adopt it.
    Thank you to my Sister Jenny and brother-in-Law Kuya Dennis....^_^
    They are the GREATEST!!!

  4. Excellent program. Hope many kids will be given any of the items you have.