Marahan Community

Marahan Gawad Kalinga children

Pens of Hope in Davao donated some pencils to the children of Marahan District, Davao City through the Gawad Kalinga project of the Couples for Christ in the said area last December 2009. Though no volunteers were present during the distribution, this simple act of giving never failed to paint a smile on children's faces.

More pictures here.

Loving is Sharing

Pens of Hope in Davao got featured in Sunstar on its January 6th issue. Seth delos Reyes, a photographer/writer of the said publication visited the third distribution last December 28 and thought of helping this cause by coming up with an article about it. It surely was a great way of encouraging people to reach out to others in their own simple ways.

Sir Seth, we are very grateful for this big favor you did for this project. Many thanks to Angie as well for all the photos she contributed to the article.

The Third Big Day

If you can't imagine how pens and pencils inspire children...

just look at their smiles.

The Beneficiary

Having been one of the beneficiaries of the Social Involvement Coordinating Office (SICO) of the Ateneo de Davao University (AdDU) in their feeding program, Barangay 31-D was selected as the beneficiary for the third distribution of Pens of Hope in Davao. It is an urban poor community with a population of 7,860 located in Boulevard, Davao City.

Barangay 31-D, Boulevard, Davao City

According to their Barangay Secretary, Chona dela Cuesta, about 60% of the population are under extreme poverty level. Because many of the residents are laborers, drivers, carpenters, fishermen and workers earning below the standard minimum wage, average income of each family ranges from Php 3,000 - 4,000. Due to financial constraints, many children lack school materials and some even drop out of school.

The Distribution

The alumni and existing SICO volunteers welcomed about 130 children at 2:30 in the afternoon on the rooftop of the Barangay Hall on December 28, 2009. After the opening prayer led by Karl Pregon and opening remarks given by Jeremiah Caballero, Ianne Aquino facilitated several games for the kids. Though the venue was a bit small and the weather was hot and humid, the children still energetically played...

Hep Hep, Horray!
Hala Utong
Paper Dance
Bring Me
The donated coloring materials were used as prizes for the impromptu art contest. The ten interested kids chosen to join the contest were given a piece of paper, a pencil and an eraser and were instructed to illustrate what Christmas means for them. Dan Guillano of Beyond Art's Sake and Angie Maestrado, a Davao-based artist/blogger served as the judges of the contest.

Entries for the Art Contest
When pens and pencils were distributed after the games, every face bloomed happiness. It was a kind of expression brought not only by the material gifts but also by the kindness that still exists in this world. Donating writing materials may seem a very simple act but for children who are deprived of this basic need, it already means a perfect Christmas present.

Beneficiaries waving their pens and pencils
To end the program, the children cheerfully sang 'Salamat' for all the donors who in their own ways have brighten the spirit of Christmas. They also received snacks before they were sent home.
Ang nagsindi nitong ilaw
Walang iba kundi ikaw
Salamat sa liwanag mo
Muling magkakakulay ang pasko


Many thanks to all those who never fail to support our project
  • To all our donors for being generous enough to donate pens and pencils to our beneficiaries. (See list here.)
  • To SICO for identifying the beneficiary.
  • To Barangay 31-D officials for allowing us distribute writing materials in their community.
  • To Jeremiah Caballero, Barangay 31-D SK Chairman, for coordinating with the barangay officials.
  • To Seth delos Reyes of Sunstar Davao for dropping by and taking a few pictures.
  • To Ana K, JP, Rohel, Mabelle, Jen A and Sham for helping in the collection of writing materials.
  • To all volunteers (Ianne, Cark, Laurice, Diana, Hazel, Karl, Charmaine, Jeremiah, Dan, Angie, Kikit, Lorna, Liyah, Mailah, Ping and Step) who were present during the distribution.

Pens of Hope in Davao Volunteers
More pictures here.

Meet the Packers

The ASEP 29 alumni volunteers gathered at Liyah's place on December 27, 2009 in Buhangin to pack writing materials for the third distribution the following day. Most of the writing materials arrived from Bahrain, Japan and different regions of the Philippines.

Here are some of the pictures:

ASEP 29 alumni volunteers (Shugar, Lorna, Kikit, Alfie and Lea),
Dan of Beyond Art's Sake and Baby Leo.

Adee, the youngest packer, patiently removing price tags.

Volunteers with Adee.

Liyah with Nanay, the hosts of the day.
Thanks a bunch for the yummy dinner Nay!

Adee with her supportive Mommy Love.

List of Donors for the Third Distribution

Many thanks to all the donors of writing materials for the Pens of Hope in Davao third distribution.

1. Japan

  • Fukushima Family
  • Ria Mita
  • Lania Eding Cajes
  • Lei Nagai
  • Rosemarie Pedrosa
  • Angelie Limpag
  • Diane Abella
  • Fe Panerio
  • Engr Rhea Limosnero
  • Engr MArie Fe MiƱoza
  • Engr Glory Mae Jao
  • Engr Goldy Mae Jao Lamsen
  • Engr Arnold Espina
  • Engr Ricardo Luna
  • Engr Jay Lamsen
  • Engr Denis Densing
  • Engr Cheryl Pelomeras
  • Daryl Caingles
  • Ogaki Parish Community
  • Border Crossers (Tokyo, Japan)

2. Bahrain

  • Abel Gonzales
  • Jonathan Fajardo
  • Jimmy Sarmiento
  • Mr & Mrs Rene Coronel
  • Mr & Mrs Pat Ortiz
  • Mr & Mrs Elbert Alcantara
  • Jun dela Cruz
  • Amy Albasino
  • JajaBurgos
  • SFC Dubai
  • SFC Bahrain
  • Davis Langdon Dubai
  • Davis Langdon Bahrain
3. Philippines
  • Beyond Arts Sake (Cebu)

  • Tagum Group

  • Len Jailon
  • Step Dolores
  • Angie Maestrado
  • Farzin
  • Eury Cacdac