The 12th Big Day

While most people were glued on Manny Pacquiao's match against Manuel Marquez, 12 volunteers assembled at 6:30 a.m and proceeded to Barangay Panalum, Paquibato District, Davao City. It's POHD's third visit to the area and fortunately, we went back to the community with more blessings from people who truly care.

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We called our 12th giving, "The 100 Project" because we brought:

  • more than one hundred pairs of slippers;
  • more than one hundred t-shirts (new and preloved);
  • more than one hundred toys (new and preloved);
  • more than one hundred cupcakes;
  • more than one hundred pieces of ready-to-drink fruit juice;
  • more than one hundred educational materials (puzzles, books, writing materials); and
  • one hundred kilos of rice.

Three different kinds of vehicles brought us to the area. From Davao to Panabo, we took canter. From Panabo to Panalum, the guys took the habal-habal while the ladies were transported by a multicab along with the goods we prepared. It was a hot day, but we still managed to get to the area with enthusiasm. 


When we arrived at the community, the kids were already waiting for us. We asked them to gather under the tree for a storytelling about The Turtle and the Monkey by Kit and Nicole. It taught them the idea of being kind, of being wise and of being friendly to the environment. After the short activity, they picked up the trash in the area and segregated the bio from the non-biodegradable garbage. 

Focused Group Discussion

Meanwhile, another session was held in the hall with the adults. Ms KNT facilitated a focused group discussion and role play activity on how we can help the community in other ways. A separate blog post will be written for the details of the discussion. 

Shopping Game

After the two aforementioned activities, all the kids were given a plastic bag for the shopping game. They hopped from one stall to another and chose the goodies they want to bring home. They were assisted by the rest of the volunteers and their parents. Everyone went home with food to eat, toys to play with and other things to use. What a blissful Sunday, indeed!

The Volunteers and Donors

Special thanks to our blessing-sharers:

Jun and friends in Dubai, Ping, Shai, Cecil, Sycil, Ms KNT, Lala's BBQ, Geraldine, Connie, Cheryl, Nono, Janica, Anne, Ishi, Eugene, Yralene, Lysette, Wilma, Christine, Lovely, Pozitiv Shop (Presy and Virlyn), Anna, Lovely, Crislin, Floraine and Jorlan. 

To Mabelle, Ms KNT, Shugar, Kikit, Dan, Ryan, PJ, JR, JC, Trixy, Sarah and Nicole, thanks for joining the activity even if it meant missing the Pacquiao match:

Remaining funds will go to the typhoon victims of ComVal and Davao del Norte.


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Donations for the 12th Big Day

Here's what we received from our blessing-sharers for the 12th distribution:

Toys, shirts and footwear from Christine

Toys from Positiv Shop. Thanks Presy and Virlyn :)

Toys from Sycil

Biscuits from Wilma

Shirts, storybooks and pencils from Anna and Lovely. Thanks to Crislin for the cash gift, too.

Clothes and footwear from Ishi

Slippers from Ping

Bears from Anne

Clothes, toys, books and footwear from Floraine

Storybooks from Cecil

Canned goods and noodles from Jun and friends in Dubai

Snacks from Shai

Rice from Connie and Geraldine

Not in the photos:
Stuffed toys from Ryan and Mabelle
Transportation from Che and Nono
Pens from Jorlan

Special thanks to Ms KNT and Lala's BBQ for keeping all the goods before the gift-giving day.