Donations for Pablo Victims

POHD supports groups who organize relief operations for Pablo typhoon victims. Here are some of the blessings we've gathered.

Medicines from Jan and Anony
Writing materials from Angie and DK

Notebooks, paper, pencils and other school supplies from Che and Nono
Matches and candles from Teresa and Sammy
Old clothes from Nookie, Kate, Jade, April and Kaye in Dubai
If you wish to reach out through our organization, please feel free to message us. Here are some areas where we can be of help:

  • Food relief (rice, canned goods, water, vegetables, etc.)
  • Sustainable source of living (seedlings, seeds, crops, fertilizers, etc.)
  • Fishing materials (fishnets, boats, and other farming and fishing tools)
  • Shelter (tarps, nails and other tools for building houses)
  • Medicines and insect repellents
  • School supplies (notebooks, paper, pencils, rulers, blackboard for the teachers, etc.)
We are thinking of organizing an art workshop for the kids in April or May as a form of creative counseling. We don't have the details yet but if you're interested in joining us, kindly get in touch with us through