POHD Joins Lapis at Papel, Kulang Pa Project

On July 30, 2011, about 100 preschoolers gathered at Kadayawan Project Hope Day Care Center, NHA Bangkal, Davao City for the distribution of writing materials. The activity, headed by Lapis at Papel, Kulang Pa project, was supported by the volunteers of Pens of Hope in Davao. 

The area was greatly affected by the recent flash flood in Davao City. Since the center is located about ten meters away from the river, most of its instructional materials were ruined by the overflowing water. 

The volunteers behind the Lapis at Papel, Kulang Pa project were graduates of Holy Cross of Mintal Batch 1981. Instead of having grand reunions, they opted to do something more worthwhile by providing educational materials to students. They usually prioritize the kids in rural communities but the calamity in the city last June made them decide to reach out to the victims. 

Should you want to extend your assistance to their group, please contact Malinda Malacaste through Facebook.

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