How Far Can Your 100 Pesos Go This Christmas?

Looking for a special way to celebrate Christmas this year? Thinking of how to express gratefulness for all the blessings you received in 2016? Planning for an outreach program with your friends this season of giving?

Come and join Pens of Hope in Davao in our outreach program in Barangay Panalum, Paquibato District on December 18, 2016.

Here are specific ways to support us:

1. Donate hygiene kits

This year, we plan to donate hygiene kits to 103 kids in the community. We suggest the following contents for the hygiene kits: tissue, toothbrush, toothpaste, cotton buds, body soap, talcum powder, alcohol. Each kit costs about 100 pesos, depending on the product brand you choose. Any brand will do. 

Collection center: Lala's BBQ, Corner Porras and Loyola Streets, Obrero, Davao City. Please tell the staff it's for Pens of Hope in Davao.

2. Sponsor a magic and/or puppet show 

We'd like the kids to experience something fun this Christmas, and so we thought of organizing a magic show for them. We contacted Cynthia Ocana, organizer of Happy Face, and these are their rates: 
  • Magic show - Php 3,000.00
  • Puppet show - Php 3,500.00
Sponsors may pay the company directly or may coordinate with us for the payment. Below is their contact information:
  • Name: Cynthia Ocana
  • Contact number: +639107121575

3. Join the outreach

You are welcome to join us on December 18. We are still in the final process of finalizing our schedule, so please follow our Facebook page to stay updated. 

For questions, please reach out to us via our Facebook page

Thanks again for your all support.  


Pre-Wedding Activity: Gift-Giving in Mahe, Seychelles

November 2016.

A day before their much-awaited beach wedding, Witek Suchy and Eirene Napuli spent some time giving-out pens, writing materials and treats to kids of Grand Anse Primary School, in Mahe, Seychelles along with fellow travelers Ping Pata and Lim Ah Soon. The Pens of Hope beneficiary school was identified with the assistance of Avani Seychelles Barbarons Resort & Spa.

Sylvette Joubert, Head of Grand Anse Primary School, introduced the volunteers to around 63 Seychellois kids who eagerly welcomed the group and received the gifts with generous smiles. The pupils, some with the support of their teachers, showcased their skills in writing their names.

Grand Anse Primary School is one of the Eco-Schools, a program which promotes sustainability through environmental education in all government schools in Seychelles. Teachers and pupils become aware of sustainability issues and find ways to help the school to become more environmentally friendly, such as energy and water conservation and solid waste management. The school is close to the beach with a river channel that flows to the mangrove habitat.

Mersi to Virginie Barbie and Brigitte Rignace of Avani Seychelles Barbarons Resort Spa and to Mhil Pamilacan for the generosity shared to our volunteers through resource contribution, assistance and time. (Mersi is thanks in “Kreol Seselwa", a French-based creole language spoken in Seychelles).

About Seychelles

An archipelago and country in the Indian Ocean blessed with a year-round warm, tropical climate, the islands of Seychelles boast paradise escape - long, idle days basking in the sun on endless white beach, floating lazily in cool waters of azure blue ocean. Apart from the purely blissful purpose of just getting away from it all, tourists also enjoy Seychelles’ opportunities for water sports, walks and trails through lush countryside and wildlife exploration.

Gift-Giving in Zanzibar: First International Event of POHD

“While traveling is admittedly a selfish endeavor, it doesn’t have to be only that. You can have plenty of adventure and at the same time leave a positive impact on the place you’re visiting. There are little ways to wander aimlessly and find a purpose while doing so. One thing I believe in is the power of pens in making dreams come true. By writing them down, we make dreams achievable. By sharing pens, we make things happen.” – Ping Pata

On 12 September 2016, our co-volunteer Ping Pata together with 8 travellers distributed pens and writing materials to around 40-50 Zanzibari kids from a small village in Pongwe, Zanzibar, East Africa.

While the initial plan was to distribute only to 15 kids, the turn-out of attendance was approximately tripled. Coincidentally the day marked the Eid ul Hajj (also known as Eid-al-Adha or Eid al-Kabir) when Zanzibaris observe the celebratory feast of sacrifice with fervor. Kids donned in their prized local dress were excited to receive their gifts and cheerfully entertained our volunteers with their singing.

The pens distribution when proposed by the guest volunteers to the Azao Resort and Spa management was enthusiastically supported that they invited the kids from the nearby village to come inside their resort, offered their play area facilities for the pens distribution and their pool area for snacks and recreation. Their staff also volunteered in sharing candies and pens and gave our volunteers generously discounted snacks rates to the great delight of the crowd.

Our special thanks to the following who have generously offered their time, efforts and resources to make what was planned to be a simple distribution become a successful Pens of Hope international event:

  • Chellie Gorospe
  • Ian Tamayo
  • Izhel Alaisa
  • Mhil Pamilacan
  • Rogj Gerodias
  • Rommar Abordo
  • Victor Lewis
  • Ida Lewis
  • Azao Resort and Spa

Where is Zanzibar?

The island of Zanzibar, a semi-autonomous territory of Tanzania located just off the country’s coast, boasts an entirely unique heritage and cultural flavor. The island is paved with rich history seeped in Moorish, Indian, Middle Eastern and African tradition, with a touch of leftover European influence. It's alluring, exquisite beaches are among the finest in Africa.

More gift-giving photos on our Facebook page.

Gift-giving for School Year 2016 - 2017

Pens of Hope in Davao is planning to share some school supplies with our community partner in Baragay Panalum, Paquibato District this May, before the school year 2016-2017 starts. We invite everyone to support our cause!

School Kits

This year, we are reaching out to 103 students of different grade levels. These are the materials we intend to give the school supplies below. For costing and list of students, please check this spreadsheet.

Where to Buy the Materials: 

We ask our donors to directly buy the school supplies at D' B-JAG Marketing. Kuya Bryan, Ate April, Kuya Bobong, and the rest of their staff have graciously volunteered to pack the kits for the students. The shop has been our partner for the past three years.

D' B-JAG Marketing
Door 3 Tagalog Bldg.,
100 Sta. Ana Avenue cor Damaso Suzao St.
Davao City, Philippines.
Tel no: (63)(82) 224-5320 / (63)(82) 2228988
Contact person: April Barro and Bobong Vallente

Note: Please call the shop first before your visit.

If you'd like to donate but you're not available to go to the said shop, please coordinate with Kikit, one of our volunteers. You can contact her through our Facebook page:


We are unable to personally hand out the school supplies this year. The kits will be given to the kids through Ms Jennifer Viray Jayme, a teacher at Panalum Elementary School, the nearest elementary school from the community. Ms Jayme has supported our cause for a couple of years and is more than willing to be our coordinator for this activity.

We look forward to your usual support. Thank you. :)

“You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.”  John Bunyan