How Far Can Your 100 Pesos Go This Christmas?

Looking for a special way to celebrate Christmas this year? Thinking of how to express gratefulness for all the blessings you received in 2016? Planning for an outreach program with your friends this season of giving?

Come and join Pens of Hope in Davao in our outreach program in Barangay Panalum, Paquibato District on December 18, 2016.

Here are specific ways to support us:

1. Donate hygiene kits

This year, we plan to donate hygiene kits to 103 kids in the community. We suggest the following contents for the hygiene kits: tissue, toothbrush, toothpaste, cotton buds, body soap, talcum powder, alcohol. Each kit costs about 100 pesos, depending on the product brand you choose. Any brand will do. 

Collection center: Lala's BBQ, Corner Porras and Loyola Streets, Obrero, Davao City. Please tell the staff it's for Pens of Hope in Davao.

2. Sponsor a magic and/or puppet show 

We'd like the kids to experience something fun this Christmas, and so we thought of organizing a magic show for them. We contacted Cynthia Ocana, organizer of Happy Face, and these are their rates: 
  • Magic show - Php 3,000.00
  • Puppet show - Php 3,500.00
Sponsors may pay the company directly or may coordinate with us for the payment. Below is their contact information:
  • Name: Cynthia Ocana
  • Contact number: +639107121575

3. Join the outreach

You are welcome to join us on December 18. We are still in the final process of finalizing our schedule, so please follow our Facebook page to stay updated. 

For questions, please reach out to us via our Facebook page

Thanks again for your all support.  


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