The Fifth Big Day

The writing materials multiplied.

So did happiness.

The Beneficiary

The fifth distribution of Pens of Hope in Davao was held at the barangay hall of Tugbok Proper, about 40 minutes away from the downtown area by jeepney or any mode of land transportation. Since it comprises 17 puroks, about 300 invited children arrived and participated that day. This is the biggest community distribution so far.

Beneficiaries at Tugbok Barangay Hall
According to the provided community profile, more or less 60% of the population belongs to the working force. This includes individuals within the bracket 15 to 64 years old. Many of them are employed as laborers, farmers, carpenters, drivers and other blue-collar jobs.

For this distribution, the beneficiary was directly arranged with the barangay officials. The group was accommodated warmly by the community through its Barangay Captain, Ma. Elena Baclaan.
The Distribution

The distribution started at about 2:00 in the afternoon on December 29, 2010. Like our past big days, there was a short program for the kids. This time, Kuya Jeremiah hosted it for us. Everyone was very eager to play different games like Pass the Balloon, Bring Me and Hep-Hep Hurray, among others.

Dancing kids

There was also an informal drawing contest for ten selected kids. They freely drew and colored their Christmas experience on a piece of paper. Three of them were chosen for the grand prizes and the others took home their consolation giveaways.

Doodling his Christmas experience

Snacks were served after having fun. A few minutes after eating, the barangay captain gave an inspirational message for everyone. Pencils were then handed out to the children, painting smiles on their faces and igniting hope in their hearts.

Grateful and hopeful children
The day ended with a Christmas carol from the children. They sang, “Kasadya ning Taknaa,” an all-time favorite of Cebuano-speaking Filipinos.
The Donors

Donations kept coming from the Philippines, Australia and Papua New Guinea. The bulk of the distributed writing materials came from different organizations in Davao City but boxes of pens and pencils were sent from Manila too. Cash donations from alumni volunteers working abroad were used in defraying expenses for the transportation of volunteers and snacks of children.

Donated writing materials

We’d like to thank the following for donating a part of what you have for the fifth distribution of Pens of Hope in Davao:
Davao Bloggers Society
Avatar Media (especially to Winston Almendras)
Handy Mandy Craft
Ma. Noelyn Dano
Paul Adolfo
Chloe Wong
Maximilian Larena

Kathy Dacanay
Dennis & Jennifer Buckley
Step Doloriel
Pinoy Forumers Society running community
Richmond Aclo
Ryan Carlos C. Flores
Gilbert Gorgorio Sky Cable
Luis Partoza
Al Macho-Gwapito Baguio-Daut
Kenjie Perez TakezawaEury Cacdac
Kosh Bonife
Janina Florendo
Ellinore Basco

The Volunteers

What makes the fifth distribution more inspiring is the growth of this cause as seen in the involved people. Not only alumni and existing SICO volunteers came during the distribution. Davao City bloggers and other concerned individuals also offered a helping hand.

This distribution wouldn’t have been possible without the assistance of

Ricky Cillo, Rizza May Cillo, Reyna Jean Cillo, Lorelie, Angie Maestrado, Farzin, Leah Valle, Georg Kevin Paquet, Green Jade, Princess Salan, Mark Cabrerra, Henry Angeles, Rose, Jeremiah, Alessandra, JP, Mabelle, Liyah, Dan and Kikit

and those who continue to serve as the wind beneath our wings especially to
Social Involvement Coordinating Office of AdDU
Jen Aguinaldo
Maridol Yabut
Ianne Aquino
Denver Hudes
Shaddymar Saban
Alex & Noah
Patrick Robert
Jedon Santiago
Warren Apor
Alexis Javier of Madayaw Cultural Ensemble
Timothy Jian Smithson
Skipo Jack
Amor Magno
Alma Buenviaje

Thanks also to Sir Seth for allotting a space for us at
SunStar Davao on New Year's Day

and to YOU for the undying support!

Miss N, we know you’ll surely read this post. We’d like you to know that we are so proud of you for stirring our wheels to the path of simple kindness.

Pics by Leah, Angie and Kikit. More photos here, here and here.