Pencils at Jenny's Doorsteps

Many people really care.

That's what I thought when Jenny shared to me she received boxes of pens from a certain Judith Sato of Tokyo, Japan. They were personally delivered to her place but since she wasn't around, they were left at her doorsteps. We want to call her but since no contact numbers were given, we don't know how.

Thank you Miss Judith Sato!

With the pens Jenny has collected from her friends, I think she has more than 1,000 writing materials at hand. Soon, we'll make complete list of donors in all collection centers.

More Pens, More Blessings

This week, more people have expressed their support to the Pens of Hope in Davao outreach program by sending more donations.

CPSanti is a Filipino blogger who initiated collection in her own community in Tokyo. Last Sunday, I was so happy to receive a package of 235 pens, pencils and markers from her. She even helped in the advocacy by forwarding the concept to a few groups and because of that effort, the organizations below said they would directly send their donations to the collection centers in the Philippines.

1. Christian Association Serving Traditional Laymen's Evangelization (CASTLE)
2. Filipina Circle for Advancement and Progress (FICAP)
3. Filipino Maritime Network (FMN)
4. Filipino Japan Movement for Global Peace (FJMGP)

Aside from her, Monserrat also sent me 100 colorful gel pens. She's one of Ana K's friends who's also currently residing in Tokyo. Eri, a junior high school student gave me not only pens but also her used but still nice pencil cases and bags. She knew giving them out to the needy children is much better than keeping them in her closet.

In my previous post, you'll see a list of kind souls who shared a bit of what they have for this project. Hope your name will soon be part of that list.

(As how she describes herself, CPSanti is writer at heart. She's currently developing a charming romance novel that got me hooked until I finished reading her last post. Be sure to visit her site.)

The Involved

Below are lists of contributors to the Pens of Hope in Davao outreach program. Please visit this entry once in awhile as it will be updated from time to time.

Contributors from Japan:
  1. Jorlan Datahan
  2. Mr Hishida
  3. Kazuo and Mutsumi Omine
  4. Daryl Caingles
  5. Satoyo Takeda
  6. Lemuel Platon
  7. Nagato Miyake
  8. Naoko Kiriyama
  9. Miyuki Sakabe
  10. Miss Minoura
  11. Jowen Macalintal
  12. Eri Yabashi
  13. Yuko Ueno
  14. Bizen Izakaya Customers
  15. Wilma Apigo
  16. Fernand and Cyd Cagas-Fagutao
  17. Jim Madrigal
  18. Xena Lapido
  19. Kathleen Papiona
  20. Von Bautista
  21. Juls and Caryn Paredes-Santillan
  22. Monserrat Ochiai
  23. Kaori Iwamoto
  24. Masae Hirose
  25. Hisako Tanaka
  26. Danilo Guillano
  27. Lorraine and Wendel Apigo
  28. Claire Apigo
  29. Cecil Apigo
  30. Ana K and Binsoy Pera

Contributors from Manila

  1. Maridol Yabut and Global Business Research Support
  2. Jasmine Apolonario
  3. Zuhairah Abas
  4. Eury Cacdac
  5. Mary Jane Senibalo
  6. Eleazar (Ace)
  7. Kyra Linsangan
  8. Jingle Calago
  9. Jun Atibula and Girlie
  10. Ruby Anna Lapugot
  11. Alexis Torres
  12. Mary Chicklet Millo
  13. Ivy dela Cruz - Custudio
  14. Albert Lumaban
  15. Jenneth Mangahas
  16. Leanne Louise Balaoro
  17. Irah Vanessa Santander
  18. Ma. Jennylyn B. Aguinaldo
  19. Judith Sato of Christian Association Serving Traditional Laymen's Evangelization (CASTLE)

Contributors from Dubai

  1. Sreejith
  2. Jay-Anne Burgos
  3. Jon dela Cruz
  4. Aireen Gile
  5. Mycel Gonzales
  6. Rahmil Pamilacan
  7. Alfie Pata
  8. Lorna Rebusa
Thank you very much!