POHD Supports Lapis at Papel Kulang Pa Project


POHD shares 200 packs of pencils and 100 sharpeners to Lapis at Papel Kulang Pa project. It's an ongoing program of the Batch 81 Alumni of Holy Cross of Mintal. They intend to help kids learn how to write, read and paint. Their next distribution is scheduled on July 9 in Sitio Quiaoit, Sta. Cruz, Davao del Sur. 


If you want to support their group, please contact Malinda Malacaste Aloloidz on Facebook. 

Good luck to your group!

UP Mindanao's Box

We discovered this box of yellow pencils at SICO last week from the Omega Alpha Fraternity and Sorority of University of Philippines Mindanao. Now we have more writing materials to give away in our next distribution.

Thanks for supporting our project. 

The Seventh Big Day

Sometimes you have to go farther

to discover where the greater need is.

The Beneficiary

The residents of Purok 3, Barangay Panalum, Paquibato District are called Matigsalug indigenous people. To get to the area, you have to take a 45-60-minute ride from Panabo City by jeepney or habal-habal, a kind of transportation designed for rough, steep and narrow roads in the Philippines. From the community proper, you walk through a banana farm for about five minutes. Their nipa huts are located uphill, giving you a panoramic look of the nearby banana plantation.

Purok 3 has about 30 families. Their main source of income is farming. They grow lakatan and tundan bananas and sell binangkong, dried cavendish bananas used in the production of feeds. They also plant vegetables for their own consumption.

The number of children in the area reaches 60. The elementary students study at the public school near the community gym while the high school students have to go to Paquibato proper, about 40 minutes from their home on foot. Ate Rosita, a barangay kagawad, said that most of the students started going to school since first week of June without any notebooks and writing materials.

The Distribution

Considering the distance of the area from downtown, the original plan was to hand over the school supplies to Kuya Nestor, the barangay kagawad who contacted the Social Involvement Coordinating Office. But fate had its own way of allowing two volunteers to distribute the materials themselves on June 19 in the afternoon.

The residents, both parents and kids gathered in their common hut. Unfortunately, the children weren't informed ahead of time about it so some of them helped their fathers in the farm. After a brief orientation about what the project was all about, each kid was given a green plastic bag of school supplies. It wasn't enough for their requirements at school but there was

so much gladness

in their eyes

for it is not everyday

that kindness pays them a visit.

They want to extend their gratitude to all the supporters of this project.

More pics here.

The Sixth Big Day

What can be more beautiful than 

natural green

and a sincere grin?

The Beneficiary

For the sixth distribution of the Pens of Hope in Davao, Bankas Elementary School was our school beneficiary. It is a small public school in Barangay Camansi, Toril, Davao City catering about 196 pupils. It can be reached within an hour from city proper through any four-wheeled vehicle. According to the school head, Mr. Jersam Bangcot, the school experiences many problems related to illegal settling, school maintenance and security. Unlike other neighboring institutions, this school and its adjacent high school receive less support from the barangay officials. Education is not their priority. But despite of this situation, it has survived for 50 years with the support of non-government organizations.

Majority of the families living in this community have an income between Php 2,000 - 6,000. Most of the residents are farmers, tenants, banana plantation workers and below minimum wage earners. This definitely affects the children's daily sustenance and education.

The Distribution

Last June 14 at 9:30 a.m., Mabelle, Dan and Kikit arrived at the school after a 30-minute ride on the bumpy road to the community. After a brief meeting with the school head, the writing materials were distributed in the classrooms. The volunteers didn't stay long with the kids to minimize disruption from their regular classes. They simply explained what the project is all about and who donated the writing materials.  

Though there wasn't a program like how we did in our previous big days, the curious glances and lovely smiles of the students were enough to let us know they are thankful that many people still care for them. 

very much for your continuous support for this project. 

More photos here

Preparation for the Sixth and Seventh Big Days

Since the takbo.ph running community in Manila sent so many materials last December, we still have a lot to give to our selected beneficiaries as they start the school year.

For the next two distributions, we won't be giving only 


and pens

but also crayons,

pads of paper, 

erasers, sharpeners,


pencil cases and other stationery.

“We cannot do great things on this Earth, only small things with great love.” 
Mother Teresa