More Pens, More Blessings

This week, more people have expressed their support to the Pens of Hope in Davao outreach program by sending more donations.

CPSanti is a Filipino blogger who initiated collection in her own community in Tokyo. Last Sunday, I was so happy to receive a package of 235 pens, pencils and markers from her. She even helped in the advocacy by forwarding the concept to a few groups and because of that effort, the organizations below said they would directly send their donations to the collection centers in the Philippines.

1. Christian Association Serving Traditional Laymen's Evangelization (CASTLE)
2. Filipina Circle for Advancement and Progress (FICAP)
3. Filipino Maritime Network (FMN)
4. Filipino Japan Movement for Global Peace (FJMGP)

Aside from her, Monserrat also sent me 100 colorful gel pens. She's one of Ana K's friends who's also currently residing in Tokyo. Eri, a junior high school student gave me not only pens but also her used but still nice pencil cases and bags. She knew giving them out to the needy children is much better than keeping them in her closet.

In my previous post, you'll see a list of kind souls who shared a bit of what they have for this project. Hope your name will soon be part of that list.

(As how she describes herself, CPSanti is writer at heart. She's currently developing a charming romance novel that got me hooked until I finished reading her last post. Be sure to visit her site.)


  1. Thanks for sharing this to us Mommy Kikamz.I always admire people who are willing to do good things unto others.I did visit cpsanti's site for a quite sometimes too & I knew a li'l from this young lady & I admire her works as much as you admire her.
    Btw,thanks for the visit & left me a comment as you go & as whatyou've said,I did try to update this site but this is what the result...Could not detect a feed for this URL. Blog posts and update time will not be shown. Add URL anyway..I'll try this again in a li'l bit or more.:)Hugs!"

  2. i would like to say thank you for giving these kids one very good reason to smile... i might as well bring this joy to the kids in my home town.....

  3. Wow, that;s very nice of CPSanti, yup i love her novel too..

    following your blog pala..