Pencils at Jenny's Doorsteps

Many people really care.

That's what I thought when Jenny shared to me she received boxes of pens from a certain Judith Sato of Tokyo, Japan. They were personally delivered to her place but since she wasn't around, they were left at her doorsteps. We want to call her but since no contact numbers were given, we don't know how.

Thank you Miss Judith Sato!

With the pens Jenny has collected from her friends, I think she has more than 1,000 writing materials at hand. Soon, we'll make complete list of donors in all collection centers.


  1. From CPSanti:

    Thanks so much for the lovely writeup. Yes, I do know the person who left the pens on your friend's doorstep ;-) I was just talking to her a while ago and she said she had asked someone to deliver the pens for her. She's from CASTLE. I'll ask her if I can pass on her contact details and will get back to you the soonest.

  2. i like this idea of helping people. charities are ideas of helping and with people having a wonderful heart

  3. Wow! So many people with good heart! Congratulations!

    I just arrived from my trip to the countryside and finished the first distribution of pencils in Northern Samar. It was so much fun!