Donations for the 12th Big Day

Here's what we received from our blessing-sharers for the 12th distribution:

Toys, shirts and footwear from Christine

Toys from Positiv Shop. Thanks Presy and Virlyn :)

Toys from Sycil

Biscuits from Wilma

Shirts, storybooks and pencils from Anna and Lovely. Thanks to Crislin for the cash gift, too.

Clothes and footwear from Ishi

Slippers from Ping

Bears from Anne

Clothes, toys, books and footwear from Floraine

Storybooks from Cecil

Canned goods and noodles from Jun and friends in Dubai

Snacks from Shai

Rice from Connie and Geraldine

Not in the photos:
Stuffed toys from Ryan and Mabelle
Transportation from Che and Nono
Pens from Jorlan

Special thanks to Ms KNT and Lala's BBQ for keeping all the goods before the gift-giving day.


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