The Logo

When my friend Kikit asked me to take a photo for the project's badge, I hurriedly took my camera and with only one click the Pens of Hope in Davao's badge was born. I was happy with what came out, I think God was also lending His hand.

I dedicate this photo to the people behind Pens of Hope in Davao.


black and white

I decided to shoot this in black and white because it symbolizes the reality of life, either you are rich or you are poor nothing intermediate. There are only two sides of the coin, either you're good or bad.

rays of the sun

The sun rays represent hope. A light amidst the darkness. It is a comforting feeling that even in the absence of light, there are these noble people that extend a hand and lead us through our way.

the pencils

A simple reminder that not all of us can afford to buy a pen. A wake up call to those people who use their pen for their selfish intentions. A humble request to you to help us give hope and together we will build a brighter future for our little brothers and sisters.

This is our chance to make a difference, our chance to be involved.

Our pen, their future...

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