Pens from Dubai

I checked my emails tonight and saw a message from Alfie that I would like to share with you. By the way, Alfie and Lorna are both alumni SICO volunteers. Alfie's based in the UAE and Lorna's currently working in Bahrain.

I met with Jaja (Lorna's friend) yesterday and was very overwhelmed to receive 757 pens and pencils!!! I felt like I receive a very nice early birthday present! Now I've got a total of 807 pens and pencils, not counting Nookie's items (Kikit's friend from Ateneo). I still have to meet her. I am also looking forward to receive another batch of pens/pencils from Lorna's officemate.

Pens of Hope from Dubai: 807 and still counting.

Truly there's a profound feeling of accomplishment when you see for yourself that goodness still work in this world; that people are bonded by a common language: hope. Hope igniting in every stranger's soul.. and when we find this tiny spark of hope, we know at that moment how powerful it is to exude and illuminate into a wonderful smile of a child.. as for our part who are witnesses to this miracle, we understand simply and deeply what happiness is all about.


  1. Hi Kikit!


    Wow! You're so close to your target number of pencils! I'm guessing you'll even go beyond 1,000! Yay! Congratulations to you and your friends! So happy to hear about it. I am buying some pencils so I can also give my share =)

    Yes, I've sent you po an email. I wonder why it didn't land in your inbox :(. Been very busy these past few days. Maraming importanteng byahe and work has been eating most of my time. I'm lagging behind sa blog ko.

    I was in Samar this weekend to pack the pencils. Will post about it later. Also, I'll respond to your email.

    Take care.

  2. kit, do u have a softcopy of the letter? i forgot where it was posted. hehe.. thanks

  3. kit, am happy for this new development. so where are you at now? how come u met Jaja? nasa Japan ba cya? naglibog lang ko..

  4. Hi K. Sorry for this late reply. Jaja is in Dubai so he met Ping. Ping just sent me this email. :)

  5. Can I get Alfie's contact number in Dubai? I need it so my parents could give him/her the donations. They are from Abu Dhabi but my dad goes to Dubai every now and then. Thanks!